Saturday, 28 March 2015

What Makes Me Smile | #1

Hello all! 

If you have read my previous posts you will see that I am love, love loving all the Spring weather! Now  if you asked me what season I was most looking forward to at the end of summer I'd be saying autumn/winter, but as I get sick of the cold weather I say I can't wait till spring/summer.. I don't know maybe I am just an indecisive person! But I doubt I could stick to one season in particular, especially in England when each season throws something new into the mix!

After that rambling on, I thought I would write a post about the little things that make me happy, I will warn you these aren't all exclusive to Spring, and many of which will keep me happy all year round. I feel like this could become a sort of episode on my blog? If that is how you would say it. So here are 5 things that have made me happy this week, hope you enjoy! x

1. Lambs. I think that the one word will just make anybody happy. They literally radiate the feeling of spring. They're little faces and they're all soooo fluffy and cute. I am very lucky in that I can go and visit and feed the orphan ones (upsetting but they are always happy). I am yet to see them this year, but I will definitely be going soon! My favourite lambs are definitely the ones with black heads and black socks, could you shout cute any louder?

2. My bunnies. Every single day they bring a huge smile to my face and just melt your heart. When Snowy gives you the eyes as she wants to be hopping around my room, or Forest hopping around the garden all day eating the flowers, sorry dad. I am yet to introduce them all to you, but its on my to-do list!

3. Coming away to my boyfriends caravan in the lakes this weekend. Although rainy and windy and cold, there is just something about the outdoors that fills my heart with glee and makes you appreciate everything that little bit more.

4. Making people happy, whether this be my boyfriend, or my dogs face light up (yes he is a person) when I show him his leader, there is nothing I love more. If someone else is happy, I will be happy too.

5. Knowing that the Easter Holidays is almost here! However, with this happiness comes dread as I will be spending my time revising ready for exams, boooo.

I think if there is one thing we all do, its that we list 5 things that have made us happy, honestly it is totally worth appreciating everything. 

Tell me something that has made you happy this week and whether I should carry on doing these types of posts!

Rhianna xoxo

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Inspiration for post from this blogger - link.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

5 Reasons to Travel

After watching the film Into the Wild, it all of a sudden reignited my wanderlust. If you haven't see it you should totally stop what your doing (if it is important, finish it and then stop!) and watch it, or read the book - very inspirational. 

Going travelling nowadays seems to be on everybody's bucket list, and I can totally see why. Who doesn't want to explore new places, cultures, foods and meet new people? Not only do you get these wonderful experiences, it is something you can do once in a lifetime. If you are anything like me, I want to finish University, get a brief job to save for travelling, and then hop on a plane somewhere. Personally, I think trying to travel if I were to have my own house, a job and priorities would be very difficult. That isn't to say you can't do it though. 

I had never anticipated to write a 'travelling' post, however as it is something I am so longing to do I thought I would share with you 5 reasons you should consider travelling based on my own experience, however small. 

1. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
I have heard this quote a lot, and it is so very true. Richer in heart, spirit, mind, culture and personality - all of which you can't buy but can only experience. 
Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

2. To Escape. 
Not to escape because your sad, but to escape your current reality and experience something fresh and new. To explore new places, meet new people, enjoy new cuisine, anything - your mind will be blown. 
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

3. To make a life.
In modern society we are all so concerned about making a living and seem to forget about making and enjoying a life...If we do only live once, you should live your life to the full.
Collect moments, not things.

4. To look back and say "I can't believe I did that".
Nobody wants to live a life of regrets and to say 'I wish I did that' - if you have the opportunity to travel, grasp it with two hands and don't let go. You don't know what experience will be your last, so make it a good one.
To look back and smile at life, because you lived it.

5. For adventure.
To try something new. To do things you haven't done before. Or, because you can only do it once in a lifetime. Be wild and a little crazy.
Because we are all in love with cities we have never been to.

I went to South Africa in school, and it is definitely on my Bucket List to go back, that is the inspiration for this list, every time I have doubts of doing something, I will look back at this list and it will refresh my memory. If you want to hear more about my South African experience please let me know & I hope this post has helped in some way! 

Are you thinking about travelling? If so where do you want to go?

with wanderlust love, Rhianna x

p.s. If you want to read a travellers blog this is a really good one written by the wonderful Liz on her adventures around the world - link

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Girl Behind the Blog

A few days ago, whilst aimlessly scrolling through my bloglovin' feed I came across a blogger named Rachel who did this type of post and I immediately knew that I wanted to do something similar! I thought it would be lovely to share a few facts about myself, to all of you! What better way is there to get to know the person who's blogs you are reading, I mean it really adds a personal touch don't you think? I for one love reading these types of posts so I thought I would share one too! Hope you enjoy!

My name is Rhianna Louise Bailey
I was born on the 19th April 1996 - cannot believe I am almost 19! Ironic that its the 19th, no? okay haha. 
I have three younger sisters, for most parts we get along
I think I am 5.4, not too sure though
I drive a cream Fiat 500, and I am in love with it - confession, I am not the best driver
I have brown eyes and naturally brown hair
Definitely a bath type of girl 
I am in my first year of studying BSc Psychology
Dogs not cats 
I have 4 beautiful bunnies, you could call me a crazy rabbit lady
Lover of all seasons, its very hard to choose a favourite - right now I can't wait till summer
I have never broken a bone 
I am allergic to nuts
Pizza is most probably my favourite food
I have never been on a night out - and it is very unlikely I ever will 
I LOVE stripe-y clothing, can't get enough of it 
No good at saving, something I am trying to work at
It is my absolute dream to live in New York or California
Obsessed  with Ryan Gosling, but who isn't? Dreamy right...
I love Rom-coms, and films similar to the hunger games (not sure what genre)
Self confessed EastEnders junkie
Haven't got a clue where to take my life, but I know I want to travel to many, many places
I am a very, very shy person - something I am trying to improve
Can never make firm decisions
Love being outdoors, weather dependant of course 
I am always usually cold
I don't have a hobby to date, or a talent, but there is nothing I'd like more..
My best subject was English Literature, yet I enjoyed it the least
I love all things woodland-y, and the smallest of things make me so, so happy - by smallest I mean seeing a little bird hopping around the garden will make me happy for the rest of the day 
Its the little things that count, always. 

I know I have listed quite a few there, but honestly I tried to keep the list short! I am trying to upload more content so I would love to hear some ideas on what you would like me to write about! Or perhaps not write about? ahah, 

Anyway, Spring is still living up to its expectations with the sun shining, and even having to use the cold fan whilst driving, can you believe it?!

Tell me something interesting about yourself! I'd love to hear! 

Rhianna xoxo

p.s. when I wrote this post yesterday it was sunny - now it is raining/snowing, good old England. Now I am very sad. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Very Orange Sunday | Beauty & Fashion

Top - £10 (£8 with discount), Lipstick - £8 (£6.40 with discount)
As you all know Spring has arrived here in England! And it has started out so wonderful with some nice sunny spells up North, although the slight breeze did make it a little chilly! As much as I love Autumn and Winter I am a bit sick of wearing dreary and what a better way to start Spring than with some nice (orange) colours! 

I ventured into Topshop on Friday and with there being 20% student discount I decided to treat myself to buy a lovely Orange cut-out top and their Infrared lipstick - yes very orange, and what better to do than to pair them together! 

Infrared Lipstick

So today I officially sported my Infrared lipstick (which I absolutely adore) paired with the orange top when I ventured on a dog walk to the beach. After much discussion on how to spend our day, what is better than going to the beach when it is sunny, am I right? Although a little chilly, emphasised by the fact that the water went over my wellies when paddling in the sea, you can definitely tell that Spring has FINALLY made it's appearance in the best way possible. And I am definitely more excited for the warmer weather to come (if any).

Silly bra strap
I think the top will look wonderful with a pair of jeans or high wasted shorts and sandals in the summer, and I for one can't wait till sandal weather. I'd brave it now but I get cold more than the average person (well in my opinion haha). There was a variety of different colours other than orange, and I think I love it so much already that I will be buying a few more...thankyou upcoming student loan...sorry bank balance. I will also be trying out a few more of their lipsticks as it felt wonderful on my lips and wasn't too drying which is also an added bonus! 

Overall I have had a wonderful Sunday at the beach, even if I did get a tad wet! Spring has definitely made a fabulous appearance!!

How have you spent your Sunday? Is everyone loving spring?

Rhianna xoxo 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Pink Parcel | It's a monthly thing

March 2015 - Pink Parcel
I don't know about you but when it comes to 'that' time of the month for me I am always wanting to relax, pamper myself and do absolutely nothing. A week or two ago I discovered the 'Pink Parcel' which not only sends you all of your monthly supplies but also sends you a little box of goodies to make your time of the month a little more enjoyable! Why didn't I find this sooner?! 

Without a second thought I signed up for this right away, with your first box being £5.95 and after that going to just under £10 you can't go wrong! Especially when some of the products you get are totally worth the money, such as the full sized OPI nail varnish I received this month. You also get given a small black bag in which you put in your daily supplies to carry in your handbag, so simple yet so handy.

When signing up you insert your due date and how long your cycle is, however you can change this whenever you like, and you can cancel the subscription whenever too! You also have a variety of tampons and sanitary towel brands to choose from.

This months box contained; 
26 tampons (more than enough!)
OPI nail varnish - I sing in colour 
Bubblet moroccan mint tea bath bombs 
Papaya Gold moisturising balm
7 day sample of perfectil skin, hair & nails nutrients
Bandzee hair ties 
Tea pigs chocolate flake tea 
Divine caramel chocolate bar

I can't wait to try out the hair, nail and skin vitabiotics, and I don't know how much difference a week will make but I will try and do a review of them if anything significant happens! 
What I love about this idea is that you can try out a variety of different products, even just to see if you like them for a very small price tag, as well as getting your monthly supplies delivered straight to your door. 

Overall I absolutely love it and cannot wait for my next box to arrive! Here is the link if you want to try it our for yourselves!

What are your favourite things for your time of the month?

Rhianna xoxo

p.s. I had to use my iphone for the photos due to my camera being out of charge, I am sorry x

Friday, 13 March 2015

5 ways to achieve your goals | "It always seems impossible until it's done"

What better way to get started than to buy some cute stationary...
Rather than doing a beauty/fashion post I thought I would share with you a few things I have recently been employing in my life in order to make me feel better about myself and achieve my goals (or deadlines in my case haha). I'm not implying that by doing just these 5 things will allow your goals to be achieved, but in my case, they have definitely helped.

1 - Get up earlier! 

If you are anything like me, then you could sleep from 10pm til noon the next day and still wake up not wanting to get out of bed. Recently I have been setting my alarm to 8am and getting up when my alarm goes off. Crazy? I know. For a long time I have wanted to start getting up earlier - 1. To get things done & 2. The earlier your up, the most you can make out of your day. For me that's an extra 4 hours of doing things for YOU and to make the most out of YOUR day. Whether this is finishing an assignment early or going to the beach for a morning jog (ambitious in this weather haha), both of these will help you, and it will help future you. 

2 - Make lists... and stick to them! 

Weirdly, I absolutely love making lists and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing each and every item off it, knowing that you can stop for the day. Lists help you stick to deadlines, not forget about anything, and even better organise your time. You could assign a few things to be done per day and eventually you would be finished! Another 'student-like' thing I do is organise out each day in my weekly planner, put all my work into a list and then assign specific work to specific days and times. Nice and easy way to keep up with the masses of assignments and revision to top it all off. 

3 - Start earlier, finish earlier than everyone else. 

Basically what I mean by is saying - "I am doing this now so that future me doesn't have to worry about it". Plus, if it is an essay assignment for example, start on the day, or a few days after it has been assigned. Then the weekend before it is due you can sit down, relax and do whatever the hell you want and whilst everyone else is frantically finishing it (usually me ironically) you can say to yourself, I worked hard, and now I can relax. 

4 - Avoid procrastination. 

Now, this is a hard one and I am no stranger to procrastinating. We all know how to put things off, and usually its just by putting your foot down and saying no I can do this later once I have finished this. Usually the tasks take no time at all to do and you can carry on as you please once it is done. Trust me when I say procrastination is the devil in all of us. 

5 - Have more 'me' time. 

Considering the title of this post, this one may seem a bit silly. However I think it is always important to set aside time for yourself, time where you can have a sit down, go shopping, have a girly night in or just tell yourself to not work past 8PM so you can watch your favourite TV shows. Don't hesitate, just do it without the thought of what you think you 'should' be doing. There is nothing worse than staying up until god knows what hour doing work - and it seriously isn't worth it. Have some 'me' time, you will feel so much better after, and surprisingly more eager to do work. Besides, if you follow my last 4 tips - hopefully you will have more time for yourself :) 

And there you have it! My 5 'top tips' for achieving your goals. Do take these with a pinch of salt though as you should only do what makes you happy! 

Do you have any top tips to achieving goals? Id love to hear them!

Rhianna xoxo

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Makeup Post | Drugstore beauty

Okay, so rather than doing an essay, which was truthfully stressing me out, I decided to go to the metro centre for a little browse/shop. Yes, I really do have my priorities right don't I, haha. For quite a while now I have been wanting to broaden my makeup collection and experiment with it. However, I am not planning on buying the higher end brands straight away, but I will definitely be considering it when my makeup skills improve (and I get over how expensive everything is lol). Plus, why bother when usually drugstore makeup is great for the price?!

Revolution Blush Palette Hot Spice - £6
Rimmel Match Perfection (091) - £5
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick (107;01;28) - £5.69
Collection Eyebrow Kit - (around) £4
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (1) - (around) £4
Collection Bronze Glow (light) - (around) £2

As you can see by the prices everything is so affordable - especially the blush pallete, which I am yet to try but it looks fabulous! - I'm just enjoying looking at it, haha! The best thing is that it comes with 8 different shades which will be great to just try out, even if they are naff its not much money wasted! - I will let you know how that goes :) 

For me, my favourites out of everything I bought has got to be the Concealer and the Kate Moss 107 lipstick. I have been using the concealer to cover the black circles under my eyes and it has just worked wonders! I will be re-purchasing this in a darker shade to cover up blemishes on my face. The lipstick is a wonderful red/purple shade and I think it really compliments my skin tone. I think if I were to add some lipliner when using it that it will stay perfect all day long! 

I have tried both the Kate Moss 01 (red nose red) lipstick and the 28, and they are both just lovely. Nice and easy to apply and you are not always re-applying it throughout the day which is always a bonus! I would recommend the Rimmel Kate Moss collection to everyone, I will definitely be back to purchase more in different colours! 

I have never been the one to fill in their eyebrows so I thought I'd start out softly before plunging into some new extreme territory by buying this lovely eyesbrow kit. The overall finish is lovely, and I have been blending the 2 lighter colours to achieve a nice and natural finish. 

I won't talk much about the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation as this was a re-purchase. I opted to buy a lighter shade than the one I already had as it was becoming too dark for my complexion. I really like the feel of this foundation, its not too heavy and overall it has a nice coverage. Personally I don't wear powder, but I am going to invest in some to see how this goes over my foundation. 

What are your latest beauty recommendations?

Rhianna xoxo

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Introduction | Rhianna

A few 'introductory' snapshots - as you may see I love all things nature-y


If you are reading this for this first time you won't know me so, Hi! My name is Rhianna, I am an 18 year old psychology student (living at home) from England with socially awkward tendencies. But that is not going to stop me, in fact if anything I have high hopes that blogging will make me a much more confident person. If not to offer opinions and advice but to be sort of like a diary, if you get me? Venturing into this type of social media is something I have recently thought about a lot, and what better way to get started than to just jump straight in. 

Although being a busy person, purely setting my priorities on essays and work does not make me happy, I mean who would be if they're entire life was set around deadlines? Everyone needs to throw something new into their routine every once in a while don't they? So I am under the influence, not only that blogging will be somewhat therapeutic but that it will make me a better, happier person - in more ways than one. 

You may now be wondering, what is she going to write about? Well I haven't entirely thought about it, there is so many different subjects that I doubt I will stick to one in particular. So expect to see a whole range of things such as personal styles, beauty, favourite items, wishlists or 'hauls', thoughts and inspirations. I am setting myself a goal of posting twice a week, and the thought that people might read this is a little scary, but its definitely character building. Haha. 

Before I finish, what would an introduction be without a few quick facts about me? I am a dog person and one may call me a "crazy rabbit lady" as I own four. I am obsessed with pepperoni pizza and if I were to choose a favourite drink it would be fresh orange juice. 

If anyone reads this, I really hope I am not too boring and that you enjoy what I have to say! I am very excited to start :) 

Love, Rhianna xoxo 

Do you have a few fun facts about yourself? 

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