Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Introduction | Rhianna

A few 'introductory' snapshots - as you may see I love all things nature-y


If you are reading this for this first time you won't know me so, Hi! My name is Rhianna, I am an 18 year old psychology student (living at home) from England with socially awkward tendencies. But that is not going to stop me, in fact if anything I have high hopes that blogging will make me a much more confident person. If not to offer opinions and advice but to be sort of like a diary, if you get me? Venturing into this type of social media is something I have recently thought about a lot, and what better way to get started than to just jump straight in. 

Although being a busy person, purely setting my priorities on essays and work does not make me happy, I mean who would be if they're entire life was set around deadlines? Everyone needs to throw something new into their routine every once in a while don't they? So I am under the influence, not only that blogging will be somewhat therapeutic but that it will make me a better, happier person - in more ways than one. 

You may now be wondering, what is she going to write about? Well I haven't entirely thought about it, there is so many different subjects that I doubt I will stick to one in particular. So expect to see a whole range of things such as personal styles, beauty, favourite items, wishlists or 'hauls', thoughts and inspirations. I am setting myself a goal of posting twice a week, and the thought that people might read this is a little scary, but its definitely character building. Haha. 

Before I finish, what would an introduction be without a few quick facts about me? I am a dog person and one may call me a "crazy rabbit lady" as I own four. I am obsessed with pepperoni pizza and if I were to choose a favourite drink it would be fresh orange juice. 

If anyone reads this, I really hope I am not too boring and that you enjoy what I have to say! I am very excited to start :) 

Love, Rhianna xoxo 

Do you have a few fun facts about yourself? 

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  1. Great introduction post mate :) Everyone's got to start somewhere and you're right - just jumping in is the best thing you can do! Looking forward to your future posts. x
    Ally | www.uptownpeach.blogspot.co.uk

    1. aw thankyou! It means a lot! Hopefully they wont be too shabby haha! x

  2. Replies
    1. aw thankyou! I am planning on giving them a proper introduction soon if you want to follow :) xx

  3. I just started my own blog too and I'm in the same boat! I look forward to reading more of your posts though I'm enjoying your blog so far :)