Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Check Out Those Charity Shops!

Hello all! 

Firstly, apologies.. I haven't posted in a while due to revising. While I still need to continue my revision, I won't be posting as much, but I am going to try my very best! Summer seriously can't come quick enough! But back to the post now!

Everyone loves a bargain right? When it comes to spending money I love it at the time and then I am filled with guilt for a few days after. While present day Rhianna is like "gimmie gimmie gimmie" future Rhianna is sat saying "you didn't really need that though did you". But, when it comes to shopping in charity shops, I feel no guilt what. so. ever. Not only are you getting something great, but the money goes to charity AND you get something for the fraction of its original price, you can actually feel good about spending money (did I really just say that?). 

If you have spent most of your teenage life (like I did) saying "eww no I am not shopping in a charity shop", now is the time to think again, you will be truly surprised with some of the things you can get. Obviously I wash what I buy before wearing it but, saving the pennies definitely makes it worth it.

 For example, I found this BEAUTIFUL River Island embellished top, WITH it's tags still on (even the spare beads) for £4.50. Now, it didn't say how much it was originally on the tags, but you can see how embellished it is, so I can't imagine it was cheap. But what a bargain! 

If this top isn't an incentive to get to your closest charity shop and have a nosey then I don't know what is!

I appreciate that I haven't included a full length picture of the top, but I couldn't get one that did it justice! 

It is safe to say that I am always checking my charity shops now! When I have the time to have a good old rake of course. 

What is your best second hand find?

Rhianna xo


  1. I always check out the charity shops, I've gotten some amazing bargains in the past!x


    1. they are great! i mean i have no idea when I will wear that top but for the price you can't go wrong! x

  2. I always forget to check out charity shops, there are so many in my town and I'm just so used to walking past, but this was an amazing find! My best find was some high waisted white levi jeans, they were way to long so i cut then into shorts and dip dyed them lilac and now they are my favourite pair!


  3. I love finding bargains in charity shops!
    Alex // www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I cannot believe you found that in a charity shop! It's gorgeous! I never find anything this good when I go into any my local shops!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  5. This is so gorgeous and it suits you so well!

  6. I used to love a good hunt through the charity shops.

    Victoria x