Sunday, 26 July 2015

Review: My First MAC Lipstick

After hearing so many excellent reviews about MAC lipsticks, I decided it was time to jump on the band wagon and try one out for myself. While they are a little pricey at £15.50 I was definitely intrigued to see if they lived up to expectations.

 My boyfriend kindly offered to buy me one, an offer which was hard not to refuse and so I chose the shade plumful; a beautiful purple, which can be toned down to a wonderful pink (depending on how you apply it). In fact, it is the colour that Elsa wears on the tv series Once Upon a Time. 

Do I believe it is worth it's price tag? Yes and No.
YES - I found the colour of the lipstick to be exactly what it looked like, and it did not budge for hours - even after going out for a meal. It is also a very wearable colour throughout the year - I will wear this just as much in winter as I will in the summer. Probably one of the best things about it was just how nice it felt on my lips - a wonderful smooth, moisturising texture with a distinct vanilla flavour.  Plus, the sleek packaging is just to die for. 

NO - I did find this to be much more of an indulgent purchase, especially when you can get three drug store lipsticks for the price of just one MAC lipstick. However, you can get more expensive lipsticks so this is cheap in comparison (or is that just my excuse to buy more?).

Will I be buying any more? Absolutely.
Although pricey, I definitely won't stop buying them - I am in fact looking forward to going shopping again *heart eye emoji*. 

What is your favourite MAC lipstick and do you have any suggestions for colours I should try out?

Rhianna x


  1. My faves are Taupe and Amorous, you should check them out!xx

    1. oooo, ill definitely need to have a look! xx

  2. This is such a gorgeous shade! I've been after it for quite a while! xx //

    1. thankyou! i hope you get it soon, it is lovely! xx

  3. I love Plumful (it really suits you, by the way!) and definitely need to get more use out of it xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. This is such a gorgeous shade of lipstick, really suits you!